Having High Quality Commercial Poured Flooring for Your Business

by | May 21, 2014 | Flooring

For retail businesses, cutting back on expenses is very important to maintaining a profit. The upkeep of a retail building can include keeping the ceilings, walls and floors in excellent condition so that the business is safe for customers to come into. The cost of doing this can be quite expensive over time. However, if you have commercial poured flooring installed in your business, you may be able to minimize some of the upkeep costs. This type of flooring does not have to be stripped or waxed, so it can save a business owner a substantial amount of money over time.

There are other benefits of commercial poured flooring. This flooring is very durable and is available in a wide variety of styles and colors. It is used in shopping malls, grocery stores, automobile showrooms and other high traffic businesses. With only sweeping and mopping, this flooring stays in great condition and can last for many years. You may also see this type of flooring in school cafeterias, hospitals or large financial establishments. You can choose a color that matches the rest of the decor in your business or even choose a contrasting color. A variety of styles and colors are available, providing a wonderful look for any business building.

Poured flooring is also very durable. Unlike carpet, it is spill-proof and can be cleaned up easily. It is waterproof preventing any liquids from soaking through the surface of your poured flooring. It also does not stain because the surface is smooth and nonporous. This flooring will resist even staining from fluids such as coffee, wine and soda with ease. Any liquid that is spilled can be mopped up quickly, with no residue being left behind. It is also chemical resistant which makes it ideal for health care facilities and pharmacies.

If you own your own business, and have been considering having your floors redone, poured flooring is perfect for any commercial business. The professionals at Hoffman Floor Covering Corporation have installed this flooring in numerous types of commercial businesses, and both the owners and customers have been very pleased with the results.

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