Dealing with Arrests? Salisbury MD Attorneys Offer Tips

January, 2013 by

If you’ve ever been stopped by the police, you know how it can be a traumatic experience. But being arrested can be even more traumatic. That’s why it’s important to stay calm and avoid conflict with the officer(s) to avoid an arrest. You don’t want a record of arrests. Salisbury MD criminal attorneys offer these tips to help you avoid getting arrested if you are stopped by the police.

Be Calm

Police officers are trained to notice nervousness. While it’s natural to be a little nervous when you’re stopped by the police, being too nervous may give them the idea that something is wrong. Your body language can tell a lot about what you’re thinking – and if you’re fidgety or not in control of your emotions, you might get arrested and searched. Remain calm and you can often avoid getting cuffed and booked.

Be Respectful

You don’t want to give the police a reason to arrest you. If you are mean and belligerent, they might be the same way back to you. But if you are polite and respectful, they are more likely to send you on your way with just a warning for the reason they pulled you over. But even if they ask you to get out of the car, being respectful is important because they are simply doing their job and trying to keep the public safe.

Remain Silent

When being questioned by the police, you aren’t required to say anything. Out of respect and politeness, you should give your name and address. But as far as discussing the situation at hand, it’s best to just not say anything. The officers might get annoyed and threaten to haul you in for questioning, but don’t let that break your silence. You might say something that can be used against you in a court of law.

Know Your Rights

A police officer only has the right to search your person or your vehicle under three separate circumstances. They must either have arrested you already, have probable cause that you are committing a crime or they must have a warrant to search. If none of these things have taken place, they aren’t supposed to search you or your vehicle.

The best thing to remember is to not start a record of arrests. Salisbury MD criminal attorneys encourage you to follow the law and be an upstanding citizen. If you can do that, being arrested isn’t going to be a major concern for you.


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