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In general terms, the definition of negligence is the failure of a party to use ordinary care. This can be through an omission or direct action. That is, negligence can occur whenever somebody does something intentionally that most responsible people wouldn’t do under the same circumstances. Also, when someone doesn’t exercise an amount of care reasonably expected, this too is considered to be legally careless behavior. A personal injury attorneys Iowa legal agency can help clients understand the specific negligence laws in their jurisdiction.

Gross Negligence
Gross negligence indicates the failure to act or a conduct that is excessively reckless and demonstrates a significant lack of concern regarding the possibility of injuries occurring. There are many cases when it’s necessary to establish a claim of gross negligence to overcome legal impediments when filing a lawsuit. For example, if a company manufactures a product with the realization it might be defective and potentially harmful to many, it may be considered as gross negligent behavior.

Vicarious Liability
Vicarious liability is a situation when an individual or company is held responsible for the actions of another. Usually, this applies in the context of employment by which the employer becomes responsible for negligent behavior of an employee during the course of their duties. As an example, if an employee becomes involved in an accident while driving a company vehicle leading to a personal injury, the company assumes liability. There are cases, though not frequent, in which parents are held vicariously accountable for actions deemed negligent by their children.

Car Accident Litigation
Not all automobile collisions result in lawsuits. If nobody is hurt or the injuries are minor in nature, it’s often possible to resolve claims for property damage and medical expenses without legal assistance. The greater an injury or damage to property that results, the more likely the chance that a lawsuit will be filed. There are many reasons that automobile wrecks occur. Some of these include driver error and distractions, intoxication from drugs or alcohol, poor road conditions, vehicle defects and bad weather.

Bus Accidents
Because of the enormous weight and size of a typical bus, most low-speed impacts have little effect on a bus or inside passengers. However, it can have a substantial impact on an automobile that collides with it. If the impact is severe enough there can be multiple injuries. In situations in which a bus rolls or goes off the roadway, such injuries can be extremely serious. A personal injury attorneys Iowa professional represents injured victims involved in bus crashes.


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