Considerations When Scheduling A Video Deposition

April, 2014 by Alma Abell

A video deposition is an excellent tool for an attorney. If a witness is not able to appear to give live testimony then a video deposition is made which allows the testimony to be recorded on video. A video deposition can be quite helpful and has many advantages. They are equally as good at showing the witnesses body language as a live testimony and they hold the attention of the jury. Travel expenses can be eliminated as the witness is making an appearance on video.

As an attorney who is going to schedule a video deposition you will have to identify excellent videographers in Maryland and a good court reporter to make the paper transcript. The following a few hints when scheduling a legal video deposition.

Experience: Probably the most important consideration is the experience of the videographer. There are programs available that certify a court videographer in Maryland but the majority of one’s knowledge comes from past experiences in shooting depositions. The videographer must know the rules of procedure, it is this knowledge that allows the seasoned videographer to assess and react to any situation that may arise.

PIP: Picture in picture depositions allow the jury to see not only the deponent but any associated pieces of evidence or other exhibits at the same time. This is an ideal situation because with PIP it replicated an in-court deposition which would invariably have the exhibits on hand ready to view.

Courtroom playback: An attorney may want to present the deposition in the courtroom for the benefit of the judge and jury. If this is the case you will need a trial technician who will do this at a scheduled time in the proceedings. This removes the responsibility from you to arrange the necessary equipment that will be needed for playback in the court.

Audio quality: Good quality audio is a must whether you are presenting the deposition in court or using for your own purposes during trail preparation. The videographer you select must have excellent audio equipment and preferably be accompanied by an audio technician to ensure all the equipment is functioning properly and the sound recording is perfect.

Many court reporting firms have their own videographers on staff or they have a freelancer that they traditionally work with.

If you are looking for excellent videographers in Maryland to use when taking a deposition or in court then we invite you to contact Gore Brothers.

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