Consider Security and Efficiency when You Need Glass Repair in Naperville

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Consider Security and Efficiency when You Need Glass Repair in Naperville

Glass adds a beautiful element to home decor, yet it’s also a functional material; in some cases, it serves both purposes. Once any of the features of this nature in your home are damaged or begin showing signs of wear, it’s important to call for glass repair in Naperville as soon as possible. Table tops, custom mirrors and other more decorative items tend to generate safety and aesthetic issues when they’re broken, but windows and storm doors cause these problems while also reducing comfort and energy efficiency.

The type of glass you choose for your windows and doors can greatly affect the security and efficiency of your home. Plexiglass and wired glass are popular choices when it comes to safety. Plexiglass is virtually impossible to break, whether the threat is a stray baseball from your neighbor’s yard or a crowbar in the hands of would-be thieves.

Wired glass, on the other hand, offers a different type of security measure. Though the glass itself could be shattered more easily than its less destructible counterpart, you still have a backup plan. The wire within the panes remains intact after the glass breaks. While this may not deter criminals, it could go a long way in keeping wildlife out and your pets and children inside until the specialists offering Glass Repair in Naperville arrive to help you.

Tempered glass offers yet another option. This type of glass is heated to extremely high temperatures and quickly cooled to increase its strength. If you’ve tried other types of glass and find your windows are still broken repetitively, you may want to consider the tempered variety.

If you make the decision to replace all your windows and storm doors, but security is not a major issue, insulated glass may be a better option. It can help reduce your energy bills considerably by keeping outside temperatures where they belong and lessening the burden on your heating and air conditioning systems. Reflective glass can have much the same effect while also giving you greater privacy.

Bolingbrook Glass & Mirror offers a number of solutions for your glass repair, replacement and installation needs. They provide both residential and commercial services with a wide selection of glass types from which to choose. The company also handles custom sizes and shapes for those out-of-the-ordinary glass features.

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