The important steps to follow when looking for windshield repair

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The important steps to follow when looking for windshield repair

Are you looking for windshield repair in Dallas? Here are four important things you must think about.

Take a photo

This should be the first step as soon as you realize there is a crack in the windshield. With a picture, if the insurance asks for a detailed description of the damage, you will be able to send them the exact picture. Furthermore, it makes sense to be able to produce evidence in case for whatever reason the insurance guys refuse to pay for the windshield repair.

The extent of the damage

The next step should be the determination of the nature of the damage. Obviously, the extent of the damage will determine such things as the expenditure during repair, how urgent the repairs must be sought and whether driving will be safe, or even possible before the repair job. Experts advise an actual measuring of the crack to determine whether repair is prudent or whether there is need to replace the windshield altogether. The rule of thumb is that if the crack is less than 6 inches long, then repair is the wisest way to go. More than 6 inches then repair could the wise move.

Insurance claim

After taking a detailed photo and measuring the crack, the next step should be the filing of an insurance claim. Many auto repair shops should be able to handle insurance, meaning you will not have to stress yourself any more than necessary. If this is not the case with your auto repair shop, you normally must do it yourself. If your cover is comprehensive enough then you will have no problems with this step.

The actual repair

The last step is the most important, going to the auto repair shop and making an appointment. With a small crack, the best auto repair shops will likely be able to fit you in on the same day and have the repair done fast. If the glass is too huge to drive safe, then call the auto glass shop and ask for mobile repair, a service that normally should not cost extra. It will be much safer for you and reduce the chances of the glass shattering further.

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