Classification For A Personal Injury In Pasadena

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Personal injury in Pasadena encompasses an immeasurable amount of possibilities in which the victim was injured due to the negligence of another individual or organization. Cases within this law field relate to automobile accidents, product’s liabilities, and medical malpractice. An attorney that practices within this field determines a just cause for litigation and prepares a claim for court submission.

Classifications for Personal Injuries

A mild to moderate personal injury is not a common occurrence in the litigation process, unless this injury resulted from the use of product, medical malpractice, or premise’s liabilities. More severe injuries are the most predominant forms of injuries seen most often in litigation proceedings. These injuries may lead to permanent disabilities, severe alterations, or even death.

A personal injury attorney will establish the classification for your personal injury to determine the most effective course of action for your claim. This classification will determine whether you are eligible for compensation or if a different avenue should be explored. It may also determine the settlement amount based upon the circumstances such as criminal negligence. As you or your loved one recover from your injuries the classification may change due to the overall outcome.

For instance, victims who suffering traumatic brain injuries may recover fully over time whereas others never do. In some cases, the injury alters the victim’s personality so severely that they literally become another person. Your attorney will take these factors into consideration when he or she devises strategies for your case.

Injury Attorneys

Khalaf and Khalaf, Attorney at Law in Pasadena provides representation in civil litigation and criminal-defense law. They offer services to accident victims and those who stand accused of a criminal infraction. Thorough understanding of these law fields, the attorneys prepare a solid case to present in a court of law.


A Personal injury in Pasadena falls into several probable categories in terms of litigation. The cause of the injury determines how your attorney will proceed in filing a claim in court. The reason for this is that different laws apply to various circumstances that result in an injury. They additionally, require unique approaches when presented before the judge.

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