The Benefits of Using Hardwood Flooring in Glenview

by | Oct 29, 2013 | Home Improvement

While carpets are one of the most commonly used materials for flooring, many people are rediscovering the benefits of using hardwood flooring. In addition to being easier to clean and maintain, this material is far more durable than almost any form of carpeting. Fortunately, for those needing Hardwood Flooring Glenview is serviced by a company that has over 40 years of experiencing working on both residential and commercial projects. American Carpet Distributors has been helping customers meet their flooring needs.

One of the greatest benefits of using hardwood floors is the ease of maintenance. Carpet requires the use of steam cleaners in order to keep it looking clean. In contract, hardwood flooring is known for its easy maintenance needs. All that is needed for a deep clean of this material is a mop and a bucket. Hardwood flooring is usually coated in a sealant to prevent it from absorbing spills. This attribute prevents it from staining and helps keep it easy to maintain.

An additional benefit of hardwood flooring is its durability. Most experts recommend replacing carpet every three to five years. In addition to being an inconvenient process, this also represents a substantial cost. In contrast, hardwood flooring can last for decades. If the flooring is properly installed, then it will be one of the most durable forms of flooring available. While the initial cost of hardwood flooring will be more than carpet, the long term maintenance costs are much less. This makes it a more economical choice for many homeowners.

The benefits of using hardwood flooring are numerous. However, the key benefits are that it is easy to maintain and is far more durable than carpet. By resisting stains, this flooring material dramatically reduces the amount of cleaning that is needed to maintain the flooring’s appearance. Luckily for those needing Hardwood Flooring Glenview has been served by a fully licensed and bonded company for over 40 years. Over these years, American Carpet Distributors has developed a reputation for the quality of its craftsmanship and its commitment to customer service. By having the experience and equipment needed to complete almost any flooring project, no project is too big for this company.

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