Choosing a rug for the kitchen

March, 2014 by Alma Abell

Before you head out to buy a rug for your kitchen, stop for a moment and consider why you are buying it, what is the purpose? Many people purchase kitchen rugs in Charlotte because they can add warmth and cushioning to an otherwise unyielding floor, others are more concerned with style and color in their kitchen. The next thing to be considered is the size of the area as well as the shape of the rug and finally, don’t forget to consider the material, bear in mind that the kitchen floor needs considerable maintenance. As a kitchen floor can be slippery, it is highly recommended that the rug you choose has a non-slip backing for safety.

Many kitchen floors are highly polished, often ceramic tile. This makes the kitchen a dangerous place, especially if the area rug you select does not have non-slip qualities. If the rug shifts when it is stepped on, the result is often a fall which can have serious repercussions. If the rug is being selected to go in front of the sink where a person stands for a long time, then get a non-slip underpay which adds cushioning as well as warmth. Most kitchen rugs in Charlotte that are made from synthetics already have a non-slip backing from the factory, rugs made from natural fibers such as sisal do not and should always be placed over a rubber pad.

Of course maintenance is important. If the carpets location is such that it will be subjected to food and drink splashes then a carpet made from cotton or synthetics tend to work best when thrown in the washing machine. Many cotton rugs will have a label that states that they were pre-washed; this makes the possibility of the rug shrinking less. Wool rugs can be quite elegant but they stain easy and the stains are difficult to remove. Wool rugs are best suited for other areas in the home, if the objective is to purchase a rug for a kitchen seating area, a better choice would be sisal, sea grass or other natural fiber.

Sisal and sea grass are easy to clean and give the kitchen a warm and informal look, if you are looking for a dash of color then your choice should be made from one of the synthetics that are available.

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