By Hiring a Criminal Lawyer Towson Defendants Have the Best Chance of Beating Their Case

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Going to a criminal court proceeding without a lawyer puts you at the mercy of the courts. Without an attorney on your team to advocate for your rights and ensure the laws and procedures are followed, you are more likely to be found guilty or convinced by the prosecutor to accept a plea bargain for a crime you didn’t commit.

When you go into court with a criminal lawyer Towson defendants trust by your side, prosecutors know that they don’t have an easy conviction on their hands. They know that they will have to prove that you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt because your lawyer will insist on it. Prior to going to trial, your attorney may request a record of all the evidence the state has against you. Your attorney will review all of the evidence and use it to prepare your defense.

If your lawyer has prepared a strong defense for you, the prosecutor will like approach him or her with a plea agreement proposal. These proposals often involve reduced charges and lighter sentences. It is not your attorney’s job to accept or reject a plea bargain. You will be presented with the offer and given advice from your attorney as to whether or not you should accept it. Your attorney will not advise you to accept a plea bargain that is not in your best interest.

Another option is for the state to drop the charges against you. Many defendants who are represented by experienced attorneys, such as Attorney David E. Fink, have their charges dismissed because the prosecutor cannot prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt and doesn’t want to waste the state’s money on a trial that will certainly result in an acquittal. If the prosecutor insists on bringing your case before a judge or a jury, your attorney will present your case and attempt to disprove any evidence the state claims to have against you.

With a criminal lawyer Towson defendants have the best chance of winning and leaving the courthouse without a criminal record. Your attorney will be with you every step of the way — from the day you are arrested until your case is closed.

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