Boiler Repairs in Arlington Heights Can Refer You to an Experienced Boiler Repair Company

by | Feb 28, 2014 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Boilers are subject to more problems that hot air furnaqces, so you need an experienced technician handy. This would be particularly true if the boiler is an older model. Older boilers can develop a lot of problems and most of these are due to age. The good news is most are repairable, but some may be costly. Find a repair company you can count on through Boiler repairs in Arlington Heights. Among the many problems, the following are the most likely culprits:

*   Boilers can buildup corrosion and sludge which will diminish the heating capability considerably. An experienced technician can use a power washer with no more than 25 PSI to clean all of the debris out of the boiler.

*   Poor heating performance could be caused by an improper water level. If the water pressure is low, below 12 PSI, then you need to add water. The boiler’s automatic water filling system using the pressure relief valve may be inoperative.

*   Expansion tank has too little air and too much water. The tank must have the appropriate amount of air to prevent the system from boiling.

  Water leakage around the boiler is caused by either a faulty circulator, a leaking water pipe connection, or a faulty pressure relief valve.

*   Failure of all radiators to heat is caused by air trapped in the line, air trapped in the radiator, or a failed zone valve.

  Noisey pipes can be caused by water trapped in the lines or a faulty circulator.

There are other parts of a boiler which may need to be replaced because of the age of the boiler or the type of water available in your area. Check with Allied Air Conditioning and Heating Corp. to find out what the water you have access to can do to your boiler, pipes and radiators. This will give you advice on how to care for the boiler equipment and how often to have the boiler cleaned.

A boiler is like any other heating system because it needs a yearly checkup to ensure that all of the parts are running properly, and they have no build-up of debris which will interfere with the boiler heating capability. Visit website for more information.


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