Badly Burned? Hire a Personal Injury Attorney in Fort Wayne, IN to Get Compensation

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Being badly burned is one of the most painful injuries that a person can experience. The disfigurement that many people experience is beyond what the avearge person can endure emotionally. If the burn is caused by a gas explosion that resulted from someone’s negligence, then the burned person is entitled to damages. The insurance company that covers the negligent person will have at least one lawyer working on the case, the burned person should hire their own lawyer that is knoweldgeable about Personal injury in Fort Wayne, IN.

A lawyer from truitt law offices will meet with the burn victim for free to determine if they have a case. If they do, then the lawyer will take the case on a contingency fee basis. That means that they will only be paid a percentage of the damages they win for their client. In the case of a burn victim those damages should pay for all of the hospital bills including reconstructive surgery. Often burn patients spend years in physical therapy to learn to move with damaged tissue. The damages will also have to address the permanent scarring and any diminished capacity to earn a living. If the person’s face is damaged, they may have trouble finding employment that deals with the public. These types of issues can lead to the need for psychological counseling to learn to deal with a new body image.

The insurance company may have to agree that the gas explosion was their client’s fault and that they were negligent. They may have to accept that the person sustained injuries that will last a lifetime and prevent them from working. However, they may dispute how much the person would have earned during their lifetime. They may look at the wage the person was making at 28 and their employment history. If the person was employed in a low-wage industry, that may severely limit the amount of money the insurance company is willing to pay. However a personal injury in Fort Wayne IN attorney will bring in their own actuarial experts to show that a young person can get education and change their income level. This will ensure that the settle pays the true cost of the person’s lost wages.

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