Alma Imports is a Recyclers’ Dream amongst Junk Yards in Phoenix

August, 2013 by Alma Abell

If you are searching for Junk Yards in Phoenix, then Alma Imports is the answer. With over 20 years in automotive parts, Alma Imports provides experienced service with a vast range of parts and supplies for just about every make and model of car whether they be automotive or manual transmission. There are many junk yards in Phoenix but they don’t have the expansive inventory of parts, engines and transmissions for which Alma Imports is known.

Amongst Junk Yards in Phoenix, Alma Imports has established themselves as the place where you can find the exact automotive part needed for your individual vehicle. Their inventory includes doors, fenders, headlights and transmissions that have been tested to make sure the buyer receives durability and quality at the right price. Buyers can rest assured with a mechanical parts warranty policy that extends for 90 days against part failure. Your piece of mind when driving is of utmost importance.

Recycled parts are the environmentally caring way to repair your car. Reusing viable parts saves dwindling landfill space, saving our precious natural resources and helping to preserve air quality standards. Recycling parts also provides financial savings to the car owner on their professional repair bill. Alma Imports is proud to be a member of the national Automotive Recyclers’ Association and the state of Arizona Automotive Recyclers’ Association. These organizations are leading the way in used car part recycling, buying and consumer education.

Alma Imports is also the place for the purchase of your next used car. Each used car comes with a three-month guarantee against performance failure. Many Junk Yards in Phoenix can sell you a used car, but few will back up their sales to give the buyer a sense of security and safety. They also accept all major credit cards and extend credit to qualified buyers with an online or over the phone application.

Check out our web page, call, email, fax or just stop by Alma Imports to meet the helpful staff that can assist you with your next used car part or used car purchase. Quality, warranty and happy customers are what we’re all about.

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