Adopt My Baby In Tulsa OK Is A Choice Some Soon-To- Be Mothers Make

by | Mar 20, 2014 | Adoption

Some people wonder how any mother can give their child up for adoption. There are many answers to this question. One example might be a teen aged girl has sex with her boyfriend  and she gets pregnant. She very possibly is unable to take care of a child, so she would be faced with two choices: Abortion or giving up the child for adoption.

If the girl doesn’t believe in abortion, her only option would be to give her child up for adoption. Another reason could be that a girl or woman gets raped and can’t face raising the child of her rapist and she doesn’t believe in abortion. Giving the child up for adoption would be a reasonable alternative. These are only two reasons and there are many others. There are two types of adoptions available once adoption has been decided upon.

  • The most well know type of adoption is the closed adoption. This is the kind of adoption where the biological parents of the child can have no contact with the baby once it is placed with adoptive parents. The mother gives up all of her parental rights with this kind of adoptions and may never know what becomes of her child after it is adopted. The mother is counseled by an adoption agent when she says she wants someone to Adopt My Baby Tulsa.
  • The second and less well known kind of adoption is called an “Open Adoption.” In this kind of adoption the adoptive parents send the biological mother updates, including both pictures and letters as the child grows. In some cases, it can be set up so that the biological mother can have a schedule of visits where she can actually visit the child.

In both kinds of adoptions the mother is able to go through a profile of the perspective parents and can make her choice of who is to adopt the child when it is born. The adoption agent can be very helpful with the process and can even schedule a meeting with the perspective new parents if the mother wants it. This way they can see for themselves that their child will be going to a good home with good parents. Pregnant mothers-to-be can tell the couple they choose that they can Adopt My Baby Tulsa and ask them to reassure her that they will be good parents with either kind of adoption

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