A Residential Roofer in Tulsa OK Can Make Sure You Have A Great Roof

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There are usually only two times that a home owner thinks about needing a good Residential Roofer in Tulsa OK. First, they could find a problem like a leak or shingle being blown off and second, when the house is up for sale. Both the buyer and the seller will want the roof inspected and certified. Arrowhead Roofing can check to see if there are any additional roof damages or problems when the singles came off or they know how to find the exact point where any leak starts and where it ends up coming through the ceiling.

Both of these are good times to have your roof inspected and repairs done if anything is found. Arrowhead Roofing has very experienced roofers. They know when and how to track a leak that starts around one of the vents on your roof. They know the best materials to use to make sure that any vulnerable leak spots get waterproofed. They even know how to track where any leaky water traveled to cause problems a good distance from where the leak actually started.

Any house over 15 to 20 years old may be ready to have the roof replaced. Residential Roofer in Tulsa OK can tell you if new composition shingles can be installed over the existing shingles. Generally if new shingles have been put over older ones twice, you can’t install a third set of shingles over what is already there. The experts at Arrowhead Roofing know exactly how to remove all of the shingles from the roof. They will also remove the tar paper and check the plywood for any damage. If the plywood and support beams are in good shape, new tar paper will be put down so that it is properly overlapped and then brand new shingles will be properly installed. Waterproofing material will be put around all of the vents and the chimney if you have one. They will then give you a guarantee for the roof work and the materials.

Any Residential Roofer in Tulsa, OK, particularly Arrowhead Roofing professionals, know how to install composition shingle, wood shingle or ceramic shingle roofs but not all of them will pass on to the home owner any special warranties that the material manufacturers give. Whatever roofing you need, you have Arrowhead Roofing take care of it.

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