Flood Damage Clean-Up and Restoration in Carlsbad

August, 2013 by

If you’ve sustained Flood Damage in Carlsbad, a flood remediation and restoration service is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for just this kind of an emergency. It really is an emergency, even if no one is injured, because this is your home. Water damage, both seen and unseen, can destroy a home very quickly. They will need to extract the water, completely dry out the substructure as well, treat any areas affected by mold, dehumidify, and deodorize the house.

The first component of treatment for Flood Damage in Carlsbad is water extraction. There is more water inside the structure than just any standing water you may see. There is bound to be more moisture deeper within the structure into areas you cannot see. They want to extract as much water as they can as fast as they can to minimize the damage from water that’s being absorbed into the structural materials.

One of the consequences of Flood Damage in Carlsbad is the growth of mold in the moist environment inside the house. Mold remediation technicians are trained to kill the mold with special antimicrobial disinfectants without cross-contaminating areas of the structure that have not been exposed to mold spores.

Another awful prospect of Flood Damage in Carlsbad is having raw sewage back-up. This requires special sewage extraction and sewage decontamination procedures. All sewage will be completely extracted. Any part of the structure that was touched by sewage microbes and bacteria will be completely disinfected to conform with health requirement standards.

After extracting water, cleaning up mold and removing sewage, the remediation company will set up both fans and humidifiers throughout the home. It can take up to four days to dry out a home after Flood Damage in Carlsbad, but it depends on the extent of the water damage. In the meantime, the remediation service will work with your insurance company by filing claim forms and getting the reports ready that the insurance company needs. Whether it’s water, mold, sewage, or all three, the goal of restoration is to return your property to the way it was before.