A Milwaukee Estate Planning Attorney Can Help You Protect Your Family

February, 2014 by Alma Abell

Nobody likes to think about death. Unfortunately, it is a part of life and something that must be planned for. One of the things you should do to protect your finances and your family is hire a Milwaukee Estate Planning Attorney to help you get your affairs in order and ensure your family is protected after you’re gone.

An estate planning attorney can help you draw up a will that designates how your assets are distributed to your descendants. This is important, particularly if you have a lot of property or money. A common issue that occurs when someone dies is the heirs begin fighting over any valuables left behind by the deceased. This can rip the family apart. Leaving behind an airtight will that details your wishes can prevent this from happening.
Estate planning can also prevent the business you spent years building to continue after you’re gone. Many times people who own businesses don’t designate a replacement. As a result, the business gets handed over to people who don’t necessarily share the original owner’s vision. Another thing that can happen is the family may not want to run the business, and it gets sold. By creating will that details how you want the business to be handled, you can ensure your business continues to run successfully after you’re gone.

Another part of estate planning is developing a living will. These are documents that detail how you want to be treated in cases where you’re incapacitated. For example, you can tell your family what your medical wishes are if you slip into a coma. Another example, is you can assign power of attorney to someone you trust who will handle your finances and other details until you get better.

Drawing up these documents is a complex matter, which is why you want to have a Milwaukee Estate Planning Attorney assist you with it. The attorney makes sure the documents are sound so that your wishes are executed as you want them to be. Contact Sanger and Sanger to learn how an attorney can help you with your estate planning needs.

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