Why a Pawn Shop is the Best Place to Sell Diamonds in Downers Grove

February, 2014 by Alma Abell

There is no shortage of businesses willing to buy your jewelry, especially diamonds and gold. However, the best way to get the highest value is to deal with a reliable pawn shop. Professionals, such as RJ Jewelry and Loan Company, offer unique advantages that include:

  • EXPERT APPRAISALS: Pawn shops are in the business of evaluating valuables accurately, so they employ professional jewelry appraisers. When you want to sell diamonds in Downers Grove, an expert will provide a quick estimate of their true value. RJ Jewelry professionals will also appraise your valuables for insurance or other purposes.
  • BUYING: You can sell items outright to pawn shops, often for more than you realize. They specialize in gold and precious metal buying, so you can gather broken jewelry and other gold pieces, and appraisers will weigh them in front of you. Experts monitor precious metals prices, and offer top dollar. In addition to gold, they buy platinum, silver, diamonds, and many other items.
  • LOANS: Dealing with professional pawn shops allows you to get loans, as well as sell diamonds in Downers Grove. This is a great option when you need quick cash but have a sentimental attachment to jewelry. Appraisers will let you know how much they can loan on your pieces, and then hold on to your jewelry until the loan is repaid. The process is very fast, and you are paid immediately, with no credit check required.
  • SHOPPING: A pawn shop is the ideal place to find bargains. They carry dozens of valuables, including jewelry, electronics, musical instruments, cameras, collectibles, and coins. They often stock bikes, tools, and generators. Jewelry and watches are carefully cleaned and in good condition when you buy them. The shops offer very high-quality merchandise at a fraction of the cost when it was new.
  • REPAIRS: You can take your jewelry and watches to a pawn shop for repair. Experts can fix broken clasps, loose stones, and repair watch movements, among other services. They also sell watch components, such as bands and batteries.

A pawn shop is the ideal place to sell unwanted valuables, since they can professionally appraise them, and offer excellent prices. A pawn shop like RJ Jewelers also offers loans for valuables, and is a great place to shop, and provides jewelry repair and appraisal services. Visit website for detailed information about their services.

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