A Divorce Attorney in Silverdale WA Can Be a Voice of Reason on Your Behalf

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A divorce is one of the most emotionally and psychologically stressful experiences that an individual, couple, or family can go through. The separation, changes, and uncertainty can often lead to feelings of resentment and anger which can serve no good purpose when trying to deal with potential hot-button issues like alimony, custody, and visitation. A cooler head needs to prevail and that is one of the reasons you rely on your divorce attorney in Silverdale WA area. He will use his experience and skills to be your voice and look out for the best interests of you and your family. The process begins with a free initial consultation during which your attorney will gather all of the necessary information and determine how best to proceed from there.

There are two ways of handling the dissolution of a marriage in the state of Washington; either by using the traditional litigation model or the collaborative law model. Which of these paths is selected is usually based on the information garnered by your attorney. The traditional model is often chosen when issues of personal safety or financial protection require action right away. It can sometimes involve temporary court orders dealing with issues like child support and property allocation. On occasion it also entails restraining orders. If the collaborative law model is used, there will be specially-trained attorneys who will work together, representing both individuals involved, to find amicable resolutions through good-faith negotiations.

Many individuals believe that once the divorce has been granted by the court they will have no more use for their attorneys, but that is far from the case. First of all, divorce settlements are never written in stone, since it is the nature of life to bring changes. If one of the parties loses their job or has to relocate, modifications have to be made to the original agreement and that will require your Divorce Attorney in Silverdale WA. There are also, very often, questions that arise following a divorce regarding financial issues like taxes and tax liabilities which your attorney can assist you with.

Attorneys at Lindsay Olsen PLLC understand that divorces aren’t just about property and settlements; they’re about people and families and they take their responsibilities very seriously. They will work diligently and aggressively to reach an amicable decision on your behalf.

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