Everyone Plans To Live Happily Ever After But, It Doesn’t Always Work Out That Way

June, 2014 by Alma Abell

On their wedding day, the happy couple from Boise, Idaho can only see a bright future ahead of them in which they raise a family and live happily together long enough to see the joys of being grandparents. Any couple that does not see it that way probably should not be getting married in the first place.

Things Can (And Do) Go Wrong

Sometimes it can be the fault of one of the two or, it could even be the fault of both. But, in many cases, neither can be said to be fully at fault, it is just that circumstances and people can change over time. When, for whatever the reason, a couple reach a decision that they no longer wish to remain married to each other, the usual next step is to seek a divorce. This is when they would be well advised to each seek out the services of a (separate, i.e. one for each party) Divorce Lawyer In Boise, Idaho.


Divorce is the dissolution of a marriage. Here in the US, the laws appertaining to divorce have been considerably liberalized to a point where, even if the decision is a unilateral one, the divorce is most likely to be granted. It should, however be noted that divorce laws may vary from State to State.

Another way to end a marriage is to seek an annulment, whereby the marriage is declared null and void. However, this is somewhat archaic and mainly used on religious grounds, particularly in places that do not allow divorce.

Liberalization of divorce laws has not gone so far as to allow people to get a divorce on a mere whim. Reasons have to be stated and a divorce applied for. This will involve stating the grounds for the divorce. A legal matter that would be best handled through the party’s Divorce Lawyer In Boise, Idaho.

Marriage Is Not Only About Love

Legally, a married couple could be likened to a team that shares responsibilities. This particularly relates to financial considerations and the raising of children. When the team decides to disband, obvious question have to be addressed regarding these responsibilities.

Who will take care of any debts incurred during the marriage (especially mortgages and major credit card debts and other loans)? Who will take care of the children and what visitation rights will be granted to the other party? Maybe all this can be settled without a court appearance but, again, the services of a Divorce Lawyer In Boise, Idaho is a virtual necessity.

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