A Criminal Lawyer in Hattiesburg, MS Defends Clients Charged With White-Collar Crimes

March, 2014 by Alma Abell

A Criminal Lawyer in Hattiesburg, MS can provide legal representation for a person who has been charged with a type of white collar crime, which typically is a federal offense. The importance of having superb legal representation cannot be underestimated, as a conviction in court can lead to many years of incarceration. With the proliferation of the Internet, high-tech crimes are increasingly frequent. It is easier than ever for an individual to gain access to people’s private checking accounts through fraudulent online transactions, something that was not so simple in previous decades.

A common email scam involves asking the recipient of the email to send a certain amount of money in order to obtain lottery winnings. An individual might be charged with one of these white collar crimes and need assistance from a Criminal Lawyer in Hattiesburg, MS, such as T. Michael Reed

A person charged with activity connected with Internet fraud may be entirely innocent. High-tech wizards can hack into old, dormant email accounts and build their illegal money-seeking venture from those accounts. In the meantime, a person who had originally set up one of those accounts years ago is completely unaware that anything untoward is occurring until he is approached by law enforcement officials. An attorney who is experienced in defending clients against charges of fraudulent activity has the resources and knowledge to provide effective representation. He and his team of paralegals work to find evidence that the individual was not involved and actually is a victim himself.

Experienced Criminal Lawyer in Hattiesburg, MS does his best to have the charges dropped or the case dismissed. If he and his team have gathered enough evidence to show that his client should never have been charged with this crime, that may indeed be the positive result. If the case is proceeding to trial, the attorney provides expert counsel so his client can make some tough decisions. The client will need to decide whether to have his lawyer engage in plea bargain negotiations with the prosecuting attorney’s office or whether to take the case to court, where he can plead not guilty.

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