5 Tips on What to do While Waiting for the Plumber in Westchester, NY When There’s Water Everywhere

March, 2014 by Alma Abell

If a pipe breaks in the basement, that’s bad, but if water is constantly leaking on the second floor and no one knows about it, that could turn into a dangerous situation. Water could leak into the space between the first and second floor. Eventually, the first floor ceiling would give way, exploding water and debris into the room below.


Pipes leak for many reasons: age, cracks, vibrations from the house or traffic or even remodeling projects. A pipe has broken. So what should be done while waiting for the plumber to arrive? View website for more information.

* First, especially if the water is upstairs, make sure everyone (kids, the elderly and pets) is in a room as far from the leak as possible. They will be safe as well as out of the way.

* Turn off the water. If the leak is from a sink or toilet, turn off the hot and cold water supply valves, located underneath the sink or toilet. ‘Off’ is counter-clockwise.

* For other leaks, the main water supply will need to be turned off. The water shut off valves are located near the cold water intake pipe in newer homes. The shut off could be either inside (cold climates) or outside (warm regions). It could also be near the hot water heater, possibly painted red. Again, turn counter clockwise.

* There is not usually a water shut off valve for older houses. Instead, the water supply must be turned off at the water meter located at the front of the house; the cover is usually labeled ‘Water Company’. Two lids will need to be removed; there may be a lever or a small wheel. Turn wheel clockwise to shut off water. If you don’t know where your main shut off is, it’s a good idea to find out before an emergency happens.

* Move anything that can’t be replaced (family pictures, electronics etc.) that is located where the water could damage it.

By now the plumber should have arrived. In the morning, call your insurance agent and the disaster cleanup people.

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