When to Hire a Worker Compensation Attorney in Florence, KY

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The challenges of recovering from a work related injury are extensive. The more serious the injury is, the more challenging it will be to have a full recovery. The most effective method to assist in obtaining finances for the loss is by filing a workers’ compensation claim with your employer.

What is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation is when an injury has occurred at work and an agreement is reached between the employer and the employee that a lawsuit will not be filed against the employer. In turn for agreeing not to sue the employer, the company will pay for all medical bills and time that is lost from work by the employee.

Yet, it is possible complications may arise in this situation and when this occurs it is important to retain the services of a worker compensation attorney in Florence KY.

The Role of the worker compensation attorney in Florence KY

When the employee decides to sue the employer for injuries that have occurred, this is the time to rely on the expertise of the attorney. The injured person is required to meet with the attorney and disclose all the details of the accident. This will equip the attorney with what is required to begin the drafting of a civil litigation lawsuit.

Once the attorney files the civil lawsuit against the defendant or employer a response must be provided within 30 days. The response must address the charges filed against the defendant and either be admitted or denied.

The Discovery Process of Litigation

Once the lawsuit has been filed in court, the discovery process will begin. This will allow the employee or plaintiff to provide the necessary details to assist with winning the case. This may be done through responding to the written interrogatories and providing thorough and concise responses.

The deposition is a crucial time to prove the case for either of the parties involved in the legal dispute. This will involve meeting with the other party’s attorney and answering a number of questions. This may be used in court as a direct testimony of the plaintiff or defendant.

Finally, it is possible the workers’ compensation case may be settled at mediation. If the case is not settled it will proceed to a court of law and will be tried.

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