What causes roof leaks?

March, 2014 by Alma Abell

A roof leak can pose a serious problem, in many cases a roof will last a good number of years but eventually it can leak. What are the causes of roof leaks?
The most prevalent cause that demands roof repair in Midwest City is aging and weathering. A roof is like everything else, it begins to age the moment the last nail is driven. The primary culprit of course is weathering, a roof takes a beating from the sun, rain, snow, ice and anything else that nature can throw at it. The roof is buffeted with high winds and the scorching heat of the sun. Over time the roof mat is weakened and the roofing paper dries out. The result is that the roofing paper becomes brittle and quickly cracks and splits as the oil in the tar leaches out. The roof reaches a point where the constant expansion and contraction finally leads to leaking.

Another reason why roof repair in Midwest City may become necessary is settlement of the building. Buildings will settle unless they are built on bed rock, if the building settles more than it was designed to do, then there are significant stresses put on the roof. If there is enough movement, it can easily create a roof leak which must not be ignored.

Poor construction is the cause of roof leaks as well. At times a roof must be constructed when the weather is not conducive to outdoor activities. A roofing company may have to meet a construction deadline which means the roof will be constructed with trapped moisture which can contribute to early failure. There is a tendency to economize in the building industry and corners are sometimes cut when constructing the roof, poor insulation, inadequate decking and sub-standard roofing paper can all lead to early failure.

Although it may not be an issue with a residence, mechanical damage is often the cause of roof failure in a commercial structure. The roof is often the location of air conditioning units, elevator lift houses, etc. These mechanical devices require considerable servicing and attention and all the traffic from service personnel can break down the integrity of the roof. What may appear to be nothing more than a small ladder can easily damage the roof, causing a break which eventually leads to a leak point.

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