Wood Floors in Manhattan Are Available in Woods Which Will Make Your Home a Work of Art

by | Jan 7, 2014 | Wood Products

Wood floors can become a major design element that makes a room’s palette pop. The company has over 900 different hardwood flooring products. Flooring choices include beautiful hardwoods that are durable and will maintain their beauty for a long time. The exotic hardwoods from South America and other parts of the world can be supplied.

Flooring choices that include the beautiful solid hardwoods and the engineered wood flooring, which is a piece of the hardwood pressed into a board with other wood products to give the board strength and thickness are also available. The engineered wood flooring is just as beautiful as the solid hardwood flooring, and they can be just as scratch resistant.

The engineered flooring has a Polyurethane finish application and an aluminum oxide coating to protect the engineered wood flooring from scratches and dents. This flooring is a beautiful floor and the laminate characteristic can add to the beauty of the floor as it protects the floor. Wood Floors in Manhattan can show you the many choices of hardwood and engineered wood flooring which is available.

One of the favorite flooring products is made from old tobacco barns because these boards have a rich patina unlike most other boards. Birds Eye Maple is a very beautiful wood for flooring and the discount flooring store offers these and other beautiful woods at very low prices.

Wood floors can enhance the beauty of a home in a way that could never be imagined by the homeowner. A large expanse of wood flooring brings out the beauty of every other decor item in the home. Flooring can blend the appearance of the furniture into a work of art as if it were painted on canvass by an artist. Wood Floors in Manhattan can show you samples of every wood it offers so you can visualize it in your home.

The old buildings of the 1800s are being torn down and many of the beams and other wood structure were made of beautiful hardwood which has aged to a rich look that could not be obtained by staining. Some of the old factorys in the east were built this way.


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