Wood Choices for Your Kitchen Cabinets

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Wood Choices for Your Kitchen Cabinets

When the time has come for a kitchen renovation or upgrade, an easy way to create an entirely new look and feel to space is changing the material used in the cabinets. Many popular kinds of woods are available and commonly used on wood cabinet constructions, and each one delivers its own unique feel and vibe and flare. Here are a few key points that help you choose the wood cabinet material you would want to use on your kitchen cabinetry in Pittsburg homes or apartments:


This is a hard and very durable wood which make sit great for holding up to the wear and tear of kitchen life. Maple offers softer texture and grain patterns that can be found in a fairly wide variety of colors including whites, reds, and browns.


Cabinets of Cherry wood often have deep rich colors and beautifully stunning grain patterns. These are cabinets that offer a beautiful accent point to any kitchen d├ęcor, and one unique factor for this type of wood is it holds its color well and is low maintenance compared to other woods.


Birch has long been a popular wood choice for a variety of furniture pieces because of its unique color and grain patter. Many new kitchen constructions and modern kitchen renovations use Birch wood for the cabinets and even the counter tops.


With a bold grain pattern, dark contrasting colors in the grain and a more rugged grain pattern, oak is by far the common wood for cabinet construction. As one of the hardest of the hardwoods oak is durable, and many find the array of red and brown hues to be very beautiful.

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