Why Your Should Hire Movers Instead of Moving Yourself

December, 2013 by Alma Abell

Most people do not like to move. While purchasing a new home or living in a new apartment may be exciting, the chore of packing and transporting all of your things to your new residence is not so much fun. Packing can be time consuming and result in broken items and loading a moving truck properly may take several attempts. After all the time it takes you to more yourself and all of the broken items you have to replace, it may be less expensive to hire a mover.

Movers are professionals. They know how to pack so your treasured belongings are not broken in transit. If anything is accidentally broken, a reputable mover will cover the costs through their insurance. They will do an excellent job because they would like for you to refer them to your friends, family and co-workers who are moving.

Unless you have family and friends who are willing and able to help you lift and move your heavy furniture, load and unload your truck and get your belongings safely to your new home, moving can be physically difficult. Movers, however, are trained to pack, lift and load the contents of a home into a moving truck. By hiring a moving company, you can relax while more qualified people do the heavy lifting.

As much as your friends and family may want to help you move, things may come up at the last minute that leave you doing most of the work yourself. That will never happen when you hire a moving company such as Kuiper Brothers Self Storage & Moving. The movers will schedule a time that is convenient for you and be there at that time to get your belongings loaded onto the truck.

A mover that specializes in local moves in the Portage and Kalamazoo areas is likely to be very familiar with the location you are moving from and can easily plan a quick route to your new home. The sooner your mover gets the truck loaded and parked in front of your new home, the sooner you can get comfortable and unpack your belongings.


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