Why Your Business Needs Shredding Services in San Diego

April, 2014 by Alma Abell

If you have a small business that is growing, you have probably always been able to handle the shredding off all sensitive documents yourself or with the help of very few people. As a business grows, however, it can become difficult to get it done, not only because it is time consuming, but because sensitive documents should always be handled by as few people as possible to avoid any issues. There are many advantages to hiring Business Shredding Services in San Diego to do your shredding for you, but one of the most important advantages is that it keeps your customers and employees safe. That last thing anyone else wants or your business needs is for your business to be responsible for identity theft because documents were not properly destroyed or ended up in the wrong hands.

Even if you have enough employees to handle the shredding with no problem, you may want to be cautious about who has access to that sensitive information. That angry employee that keeps the anger so well hidden that you were not even aware of it, could be seeing very private information about former or current co-workers, which probably isn’t a good idea. When using Business Shredding Services in San Diego, the professionals doing the shredding do not look at the documents at any time for any reason. Their state of the art equipment isn’t like a standard shredder where you feed in a page or two at a time and can stand around for what seems like forever just to shred one box of documents. In fact, the equipment can shred up to four tons on sensitive documentation in an hour!

The other nice thing about using a business shredding service is that they can come to you and do your shredding on site. You can watch it all happen so that you will be sure that it is done properly and that no one else looked at any of it. When you’re ready to have someone come out to your business to take care of your shredding needs, simply call Shred Confidential to ask them about their services and get a free consultation and estimate today.

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