Why You Should Install Hardwood in Lancaster PA

December, 2013 by

Changing the type of flooring that is in your home is a big decision. While many homes continue to come with wall to wall carpeting as their primary type of flooring, many homes, especially those that are on the upper end of the quality spectrum, are being built using hardwood in Lancaster PA. There are a number of reasons why many custom built homes have this type of flooring in them from the very start.

Using Hardwood in Lancaster, PA as a flooring choice gives a home a classy and polished look. Due to the many different types of woods and wood grains that are now available, you can find warm tones that are inviting to those people who enter the front door. Using hardwood flooring in the foyer or the common living areas of the home is an approach that is quickly gaining popularity among custom home builders as well as their clients.

Another reason why these floors are becoming more popular is due to their lack of allergy causing ingredients. Many carpets contain materials that cause them to off gas when they are installed. This off gassing is a process that is typically ongoing for a period of time that varies from just a few short days to many days. This can cause some problems for those people who are sensitive to the vapors that are being expelled from the carpet fibers.

installing hardwood flooring eliminates this off gassing problems. Hardwood flooring also tends to not hold allergens such as dust and pet dander as well as carpets do. This often means that they do not give people with allergies as many issues. In addition, this makes hardwood flooring easier to clean. Instead of having to drag a vacuum out to each room of the home and up and down the stairs, you can simply get a wet mop and mop each of the rooms. This is an alternative that is much lighter than a typical vacuum and it allows you to easily maintain your hardwood floors so they continue to look their best with very little effort form you.

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