Why Would You Need To Hire A Guardianship Attorney Oklahoma City OK?

by | Jan 30, 2014 | Lawyers

A guardianship is a legal relationship established by the court in order to benefit and protect another individual who is commonly referred to as a ward. Guardianship is typically established for children that have parents who are no longer able to take care of them or people over the age of 18 who are unable to take care of themselves or make decisions for themselves. There are four different types of guardianships including limited guardianship, co-guardianship, guardian of property, and guardian ad litem. If you ever needed to obtain guardianship of a loved one you would want to hire a guardianship attorney Oklahoma City, OK to make sure you pursue the right type.

A limited guardian is an individual who would help a person make decisions when they are unable to make decisions on their own. This relationship would typically be established when someone over the age of 18 is disabled or mentally challenged. Co-guardianship is when two guardians are named for the best interest of the ward. An example of this would be granting co-guardianship to a married couple. Guardian of property means that you would be responsible of managing an individuals’ finances in order to make sure that all of their bills are paid. A guardian ad litem is a guardian that is appointed by the court in order to protect a ward’s interest. Children without parents often end up getting a guardianship attorney Oklahoma City, OK appointed as their guardian ad litem until a family member can be located.

A guardianship is a relationship that would only end of a child becomes of legal age, the ward dies, the ward no longer has assets and your responsibility was to manage those, or the judge decides that the ward does not need a guardian anymore. You are going to want to and explore your options for hiring an attorney to help you with creating a guardianship agreement. A guardianship agreement is just the official paperwork that transfers the rights of the wards previous guardians, if they had any, to you. This way you have documentation stating that you are the one responsible for making decisions on their behalf.

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