Why We Have Propane Tanks In Hartford CT

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The obvious answer would be “to store our propane in”; but, what is propane and why would we wish to store it? Propane is a hydrocarbon gas derived from crude oil or natural gas deposits. It can be used for a variety of applications that require us to burn something in order to produce something else. Sometimes, propane is referred to by the abbreviation LPG which actually stands for liquefied petroleum gas and not liquid propane gas (even though propane is supplied to its users in liquid form).

Propane Uses

Propane (either alone or combined with butane – a similar hydrocarbon gas) is, generally speaking, cheaper to use than alternatives such as gasoline and diesel for vehicle fuels and more propane fuelled vehicles appear on the world’s road each year. Propane is said to burn cleaner and, reportedly, produces less pollutants but, to store it in sufficient quantity, it needs to be compressed into liquid form and put inside tanks, bottles or other storage devices. It can even be stored within the body of a cigarette lighter.

Industry can fire furnaces and boilers with propane, farmers can use it to provide heat to dry crops and commercial premises can use it to run large scale HVAC equipment. Moreover, usage is not restricted to the above applications; propane is also widely used in domestic households; from firing up barbeque and other grills to heating swimming pool water; there are many applications where a homeowner can make economies on their fuel and energy bills by switching over to propane.

Storing Propane To Suit Your Needs

Even that cigarette lighter could be said to have a storage tank but, usually, we use the term to apply to reasonably thick walled metal cylinders or tanks. The sizes of the Propane Tanks In Hartford CT have to be large enough to hold sufficient propane to meet the users’ needs over a period of time.

Keeping Your Tank Full

If you use only a little gas at a time; as in the burners on a propane barbeque grill, you might choose to purchase a cylinder containing 30 pounds or so of liquid propane. Many dealers sell these ready filled small Propane Tanks In Hartford CT but a wiser choice would be to use one who will not only deliver you first tank but will return on callout to take it away and leave you a refilled tank in its place. Consumers of larger quantities should consider having their own sizeable tank on their premises.

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