Why Is It Important to See Your Dentist When You are in Pain?

November, 2013 by Alma Abell

When you are experiencing dental pain, it is impossible to ignore. Dental pain creates a type of pain that is unlike any other. When you experience dental pain, you want relief as soon as possible. Without knowing the source of your pain, it can be difficult to treat. For this reason, is important to see your Dentist Kailua office any time you feel discomfort in your teeth. Your dentist can find the root cause of your symptoms, taking care of the problem and giving you the relief you need. In this way, you can hopefully get rid of the pain permanently.

Common Reasons for Tooth Pain

* Cavities

* Worn enamel

* Tooth injury

* Infection

When you go in to see the dentist with a painful dental issue, the dentist will first examine you and will perform X-rays. This allows the dentist to see deep inside your teeth and your gums, allowing him or her to find the issue that is the source of your pain. Though you could take pain medications and find relief, this does not take care of the problem. It is simply masking the symptoms and can actually be dangerous. The pain symptom is a warning sign something is wrong and it needs to be corrected so you will not suffer from tooth damage and even loss.

If you are suffering from a cavity, the tooth can be filled and this will stop the pain. Cavities cause tooth pain when the nerve becomes irritated. Through the examination process, the Dentist Kailua may find that your issue stems from infection. If this is the case, the infection can be removed as much as possible and you can be treated with antibiotics. You will soon feel great relief in pain. No matter what is causing your dental pain, seeing the dentist should be your first step towards finding relief.

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