Why Hire a Tampa Brain Injury Lawyer?

by | Apr 10, 2014 | Lawyers

Those who have been in an accident that resulted in brain injuries often suffer effects that last a lifetime. Besides medical bills, the future earnings of the victim may be limited or reduced to zero due to the brain injury. In many instances, there may be pain and suffering as well. Although some victims and their families often try to settle directly with the insurance company of the responsible party, this often results in settlements that are worth far less than compensation earned with legal counsel even after accounting for the lawyer’s fees and expenses. That is why victims of brain injuries should seriously consider hiring a Tampa brain injury lawyer.

Once brain injuries occur, the effects are often permanent. For example, brain cells undergo a process that results in cell death after a few minutes without oxygen. Even if oxygen is restored to the victim, the chemical changes that occur in the brain may not be reversible. In most personal injury cases, lawyers wait until the victim’s physicians declare that modern medicine has achieved maximum healing with little chance for improvement. Although the same thing applies to brain injuries, it is often unlikely for patients to recover even though it is still possible for a few patients to achieve partial recovery. As more time passes, the likelihood of improvements with brain injuries decreases.

Even if the Tampa brain injury lawyer is able to prove that the defendant was negligent, it is also necessary to show that the injuries were a result of the defendant’s negligent actions or inaction. With brain injuries, it is rare that defense attorneys can attribute the condition to some other accident or medical condition. However, good brain injury attorneys always need to be ready if the defense chooses to challenge the cause of the injury. Because this type of case can involve large financial settlements, injury attorneys won’t assume anything.

Eventually, most cases are settled out of court. This does not mean it is OK for the injury attorney to not prepare for trial. The insurance company will not pay a fair settlement until the victim has prepared for a jury trial that may result in large financial losses. That is why a victim who wants a fair settlements needs to hire legal counsel. To learn more about brain injury attorneys and what they can do, browse site for more information.

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