Why Hire a Lawyer in Rockwall TX for a DWI?

June, 2014 by Alma Abell

A common occurrence in the Rockwall area as well as the rest of the country is a motorist being arrested for a DWI. Many people who are arrested for DWI do not realize that it is much more serious than a speeding ticket. It is considered a misdemeanor conviction. That means a person convicted of DWI will have a criminal record. With a criminal record, it will be more difficult to rent an apartment or to get a job. Background checks are so cheap that many employers and landlords are doing them. Furthermore, the ability to visit foreign countries could be limited since many nations do not allow those with criminal records to enter. Because of the severe consequences of being convicted for DWI, it is highly advised that those who are charged with driving while intoxicated consider hiring a lawyer in Rockwall TX area.

The result of each individual DWI case will vary. A lawyer cannot guarantee any specific outcome. The outcome will depend on the circumstances of each case. However, defendants should not assume that DWI charges will result in automatic convictions. The prosecutor may make defendants believe that when offering a plea bargaining deal that offers very few concessions. A lawyer in Rockwall TX that practices DWI law can often find problems with the prosecutor’s case that can reduce the chances of conviction.

For example, field sobriety tests are often administered improperly. A field sobriety test administered on snow and ice will often cause sober drivers to fail. A person who has mobility issues may fail the field sobriety test regardless of the blood alcohol. Another example of a common problem in some DWI cases is when the breathalyzer has not been maintained in a long time. Lack of maintenance could lead to erroneous results. All of these can cause doubt in a juror’s mind. The prosecutor has to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Problems in DWI cases found by the defense attorney can make the case difficult for the prosecutor.

In many instances, the problems with the DWI case that are found by the defense attorney may result in charges being dropped, a much more favorable plea deal, or a chance of winning at trial. There is no guarantee of a favorable result after hiring legal counsel, but those that don’t hire lawyers are almost guaranteed to be convicted with an unfavorable plea deal. Visit Law Office of Tim Hartley for more information.

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