Who Needs A Surrogate In California?

December, 2013 by Alma Abell

A surrogate is a substitute; but, it is still the real thing with nothing fake about it. Whenever you hear the words “surrogate mother” you should bear this in mind. Like virtually everything on this planet of ours, if we are not to die out as a species; we must reproduce. To do this, we need male sperm and female eggs for the sperm to fertilize and, from which, the foetus will grow and develop into a child ready to be born into this world. This is Nature “doing its own thing”.

On the one hand, we have people predicting gloom and doom over the rate at which the human population is growing and, on the other hand, we have people who genuinely feel that their lives are incomplete until they have produced offspring. There’s right and wrong on both sides of that argument.

However, here in the States, we believe that it is everyone’s right to bring babies into the world; BUT, with two possible provisos:-

1. Can your financial situation afford it?

2. Is your emotional profile such that you will love, teach and nurture your babies for as long as it takes for them to become independent adults (come what may)?

There are some who add a third proviso; which is – “stop at two” (so you simply reproduce yourself and your partner; for a while, there will be 4 instead of 2 world inhabitants; but, when you die, the status quo is restored).

Nature Is Not Always Guaranteed

Whatever your views on world population, there are women who cannot conceive and men who cannot impregnate and, where conception is achieved, women who cannot carry a baby to term. What happens after they have tried all the marvels of modern fertility clinics and there is still no sign of pregnancy?

Adoption Is One Option

Logic says that if you want a child so much, why don’t you take over the care of one that has lost its parents or is otherwise disadvantaged? However, human nature and the urge to propagate do not always follow logic and many people still have the feeling that a child that is genetically related to them is a kind of way to live on after death – for this and other reasons, their offspring has to be “from their blood; to continue the bloodline.

Surrogacy Is The Other

Remember, this is real; a woman who becomes a Surrogate In California is going to become genuinely pregnant and give birth to a genuine child. The baby will be passed on to be parented by others (who are childless) after the Surrogate In California has given birth.



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