Which is more efficient: Window or central air conditioner units?

by | May 23, 2012 | Business And Finance

When deciding what type of air-conditioning unit is suited for your home or office, you basically have only two choices: a window type or a central air unit system. There are different factors that will determine which type of system will best fit your cooling needs. Having the appropriate size and style of Air Conditioning Cincinnati system will ensure that your home or business office is cooled in an energy efficient way.

There is quite a bit of debate as to which type of air conditioning system, central or window, is more energy efficient for cooling a building’s’ interior. The main determining factors for efficient use is how large an area you are trying to cool and which type of unit can be installed easier. If you live or work in a single story building and can have central air installed in a cost effective manner, then engaging the services of an Air Conditioning Cincinnati company may be called for. However, some homes or office buildings are not designed in such a way that a central unit can be easily installed. This is especially true if the building does not have a central heating system. Installing a central cooling unit would involve creating vents in floors and installing ductworks beneath the buildings. If you do not have the budget for this type of work then installing a window unit air conditioning is most likely more cost effective.

If you can afford to have a central air conditioning system installed, this type of system can quickly cool your entire building interior. This type of system can be easily installed by an expert Air Conditioning Cincinnati service company. On the other hand, a window unit can only cool one or two rooms at the time, depending on the size of the room and how large the unit is. You should also consider the air flow space layout for the area you are trying to keep cool. Window unit air conditioners work superbly if you only need to cool one large room or two small rooms that have sufficient air flow between them. Window unit air conditioning systems are generally used in homes or businesses where it is not possible to install a central duct work system. This type of unit works best in upper story apartments or buildings that do not have crawl spaces beneath them.

Most people traditionally think of centrally installed Air Conditioning Cincinnati units as being the most energy efficient; however it is now possible to purchase and use window units that work much like a central unit in that you can set them to cool to a certain temperature and then either cut off completely or continue to stream cool air at a lower fan speed. A great number of window units are even available with programmable thermostats to make them operate in an even more energy efficient manner.

Whichever type of air conditioning unit you determine best suits your home or office needs, you can get expert advice on the type of system that would work best for you by contacting an Air Conditioning Cincinnati service.


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