When You Need Roof Repair in Louisville KY

June, 2014 by Alma Abell

As a homeowner, you can minimize expenses through maintenance and repair. When it comes to the roof on your home, the cost to replace roofing systems can be substantial, so making repairs can be the key to saving money. Depending upon how the damage occurred, you can have small areas patched or replaced with small amounts of roofing materials. If a windstorm occurs and your roof has been damaged, you will need roof repair in Louisville KY. This type of damage can be fairly simple and inexpensive because the damaged shingles are removed and new ones are inserted where the old ones were removed.

Unless your roof is pretty new and you have left over shingles, it can be a challenge to match the color of the roof shingles. Although the new shingles may look different once they are placed, it can definitely extend your roof’s life for many years. The difference in color may not be that noticeable and you may not care much about it, but if you plan to sell your home in the near future you should ask the roofing contractor to match the color as closely as possible. Roofs with patches do not instill much confidence in potential home buyers.

If you roof has substantial damage that is on just one side of your roof, you might consider roof repair in Louisville KY that entails re-roofing the entire side of your home. While this will be considerably more expensive than some basic patching it will still be a lot less expensive than re-roofing the entire house. Patching or partial re-roofing can have its own set of challenges, especially if there are several layers of tiles already in place.

You may decide, together with your roofing contractor, that your roof needs total replacement. This can be a good option rather than continually have repairs done, especially if the roof is older. You will need to weigh the costs and figure out the pros and cons of replacement over repair. Whatever you decide, you will probably be interested in minimizing costs where possible. Click to find more info regarding materials and roofing company availability.