When to Find Tree Removal Services in Taunton MA

April, 2014 by

Removing a tree all together is usually a difficult decision to make, and often a last resort. The advantages that trees bring to the home can make this an especially tough choice. Some of these advantages include increased property value, providing shade, help keep the air and water clean and regulate climate among other advantages. Sometimes, there is no option but to remove the tree. Before making the decision to find tree removal services in Taunton MA, you first need to consider the following:

First determine whether or not your tree species is desirable. Some of the qualities of an undesirable tree species include frequent wood breakage, damage to the pavement or lawn because of shallow roots, large quantities of leaves and other debris dropped by the tree and disease and insect infestation. Some of the species that are commonly thought to be undesirable include poplars, Siberian elm, silver maple, black locust, catalpa, tree of heaven and willows. If your tree(s) meet the aforementioned criteria, you may have no choice but to seek tree removal services.

Next, you need to think about the health of your tree. If your tree has 50% or more damage, there is often no choice but to remove the tree. When left in place, the tree may have abnormal growth, undesirable appearance and may eventually fall causing damage. This is also the case where severe trunk damage has been noted. Signs of this damage include large wounds, vertical cracks, dead branch tubs and seams.

Trees that have dead branches on one side should also be removed. This is because the tree will eventually become lopsided, and there is no telling when it will give in and simply break. This is usually a potential for danger, and usually indicates trunk or root damage. The best way to know for sure is to have a professional evaluate your trees and make the right call. Try to find tree removal services in Taunton MA that offer tree inspection as part of their tree care service. East Coast Tree Fellers LLC is one such service that offers tree inspection and removal in addition to other much needed tree care services.

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