When to Call for Plumbing Services in Green Bay WI

May, 2014 by Alma Abell

While it may seem like common sense, not everyone knows when to call for plumbing services in Green Bay WI. Some homeowners will go to great lengths to avoid making the call, while others will reach for the phone at the first sign of an issue. Before taking either type of extreme action, step back and ask a couple of questions about what is happening. The answers will help determine what should take place next.

Is Something Really Bad Happening Right Now?

The first task is to determine if the present situation is dire enough to merit calling for professional plumbing services in Green Bay WI right this minute. There are certainly times when seeking immediate assistance is the thing to do. For example, if a water pipe bursts and the basement is flooding, the homeowner needs help as soon as possible. At the same time, if the bathroom sink clogs on a Sunday morning, chances are the homeowner can work around the problem until Monday and avoid having to pay the higher rates that usually apply on the weekend.

Is the Repair Something Simple?

After establishing that the plumbing problem is not likely to cause major damage to the home, it’s easier to determine if the issue could be resolved with some basic troubleshooting. For example, a clogged drain could be cleared using a plumber’s snake or maybe even an old home remedy like baking soda and white vinegar. It never hurts to try these options first. If the problem is resolved, then there is no need to call a professional. When those simple fixes don’t work, that is an indication something more complex has occurred. At that point, it’s time to call a professional and schedule an appointment for the first available date and time.

There’s no doubt that a qualified plumber can help with any type of issue that has to do with the home plumbing system. From basic repairs to major overhauls, the right professional has the ability to deal with just about anything the homeowner can imagine. Click here to read more info about the types of situations that plumbers can manage and how to go about scheduling an appointment. Keep the information handy, and put it to good use the next time there’s a problem that is beyond the ability of the homeowner to address.

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