When Should You Sue In Wilmington OH?

December, 2013 by Alma Abell

When Should You Sue In Wilmington OH?

Phrases like – “I will sue you for every dollar you’ve got” – or “You will be hearing from my lawyer” – are at the root of so many TV dramas, soap operas, movies and even novels that many of us could be excused for thinking that suing someone is a mundane everyday affair; nothing could be further than the truth. Personal injury is probably the area where the desire to sue somebody is at its strongest. No matter what the injury, no matter how serious it may be; a basic sense of justice decrees that, if it was not your fault, then you should not have to pay for anything resulting out of your injury – be it simply doctors and hospital bills or loss of income and other inconveniences; it is only fair that the person or entity responsible for an injury should be made to pay the victim.

Who Was Really To Blame?

Ignoring violent criminal acts, there are usually two sides to the story behind any accident. It is common place for the injured party to place the blame on someone else but it is rarer for that person to accept that claim – even the accounts given by witnesses can often vary as to what actually happened. This is why, before shouting “I’m going to sue” you need to be not only clear in your own mind as to the facts but, you also need to have a good idea of your actual “rights” in the matter along with the legally enforceable “obligations” of the party you are accusing. This is why your first step should be to consult with a personal injury lawyer in Wilmington, OH who can advise you as to what is possible and how to set about claiming your compensation.

Should You Settle Rather Than Sue?

If, for example, you were injured by a shopping cart pushed by a homeless person; what amount of compensation could they pay you? However, if your injury took place within a large supermarket; you could be seeking your compensation from someone with much deeper pockets. But, probably at your first, often free, exploratory consultation with a personal injury lawyer in Wilmington, OH you could be advised that the market will refer all large claims to its liability insurance provider; who will certainly bring in their lawyers to put the cause of the accident down to your own negligence. Depending upon actual circumstances, an out of court settlement might prove better than a longwinded court case of uncertain outcome. It is up to you; but do consider your lawyer’s advice.

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