When Should You See an Emergency Dentist in Clayton?

November, 2013 by Alma Abell

Everyone knows the health of your teeth is important. With busy lives, many people do not even think about the health of their teeth until they begin to have issues. It is important you brush and floss your teeth each day, making sure to do your part in keeping your teeth healthy. If you have neglected your dental health or experienced acute dental conditions, you may need an Emergency Dentist in Clayton. It is important to fully understand when you should seek emergency dental services so you can be prepared when they occur.

Reasons for Seeking Emergency Dental Treatment

In the past, there were no dental emergency clinics and patients would have to suffer with painful symptoms until they could get in to see their dentist. Today, more and more dental offices are making these services available for their patients so they can find rapid relief and treatment for their dental conditions.

  • Dental pain is perhaps one of the biggest reasons people see an Emergency Dentist in Clayton. When you are experiencing dental pain, it can be difficult to bring under control. While people may experience dental pain for a short time with no real cause, most dental pain can mean you have a cavity, infection or have experienced an injury. When dental pain has become severe and you are not finding relief, an emergency dentist can help.
  • Infections can occur for a variety of reasons and can be found in the teeth and gums. When an infection strikes, it often does not show symptoms until it has progressed. Signs of infection include, redness, swelling, bleeding, fever, pus and foul breath. Seeing the dentist can help to diagnose your infection so it can be treated, giving you prompt relief.
  • Injuries to the teeth can be painful and damaging. When your tooth becomes injured or knocked out completely, you need to seek dental treatment right away. Instead of waiting until your dentist can fit you in, seeking treatment from an emergency dentist can help to save your tooth.

If you are experiencing these conditions or other acute dental symptoms and are in need of an emergency dentist, contact the office of Emergency Dental Care at Forest Park Dental. They can offer you same day treatment so you can find relief from your painful symptoms.

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