When should one turn to Chiropractic care?

May, 2014 by Alma Abell

10468750_lChiropractic care in New York is a method of complementary medicine that provides pain relief by focusing on the alignment of the spine. The goal of chiropractic care is to restore spinal movement and alignment by using physical adjustments to the joints of the spine.

The belief of chiropractic is that a spine which is not properly aligned leads to health issues as the misalignment interferes with the body’s energy flow which is thought to be health sustaining, when this energy flow is interrupted the individual cannot flourish. Chiropractic theory suggests that the body should be in a position to self-heal when the spine is aligned properly and there is complete freedom of movement; the body and the mind are not seen as separated entities by are viewed as being connected.

Spinal adjustment is carried out by Chiropractors; adjustments are made with their hands. The Chiropractor applies a sudden force to the joint that requires adjusting; this sudden force actually extends the joint beyond the normal range of motion. When one is undergoing chiropractic care in New York there is often an audible cracking noise or a popping sound which accompanies manipulation of the joints. Although there are noises resulting from the treatment, chiropractic care does not hurt. As well as manipulating the joint through pressure, massage and stretching is also part of the treatment routine. The Chiropractor may also use electrical stimulation, use X-Rays and provide the patient with specific exercises that will help the situation.

Chiropractic care in New York is usually focused on the back and neck but it can also provide headache relief and correct poor posture. It is not unusual for a pregnant woman to seek care from a Chiropractor for relief of lower back pain due to weight gain. All indications point to chiropractic care as being as effective as conventional treatments for back pain, manipulation provides needed relief from pain while the body heals itself.

In most cases chiropractic care is safe but there are some conditions where it may not be appropriate. Patients with osteoporosis or a history of spinal surgery should consult with their primary care doctor before going ahead with chiropractic care. Chiropractors interview new patients to make sure they are good candidates for their assistance and care.

Once the patient has completed the rehabilitation process there is no need for such frequent visits but typically it is a good idea to see the chiropractor for maintenance, ensuring the spine remains aligned.

If you are experiencing back or neck pain then you may wish to seek chiropractic care in New York. You are welcome to visit Manhattan Sports Therapy. For more information read more.

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