When should I call a Plumber for Drain Cleaning?

November, 2011 by

Sometimes you can just grab industrial lye or acid and pour it to unclog your blocked drain or sink. Although these are fast and effective to unclog most blockages, they do damage your pipes and are harmful to the environment. These corrosive chemicals are sure to damage the surface that they come into contact with and should be used with caution. Sodium Hypochlorite, sodium hydroxide (lye) and potassium hydroxide (potash) are commonly used chemicals for drain cleaning. They are readily available and useful in the removal of soft clogs caused by hair and grease. A distinct disadvantage is that they are ineffective in the elimination of clogs far from the drain opening. They also cannot remove solid blocks and larger obstructions. Home remedies using household ingredients like bicarbonate (baking soda) and vinegar are also popular for getting rid of soft clogs.

Mechanical devices such as the plunger or plumber’s snake can often help in elimination of blockages. These devices are convenient ways of getting rid of your clog without using harsh chemicals. Air burst drain cleaners can also get rid of an isolated blockage. When a number of fixtures are blocked at the same time using these means would never achieve success. That’s the time you may have to call in your plumber. A plumber will have all the relevant equipment to ensure effective drain cleaning. Plumbers may use electric drain cleaners and sewer jetters for drain cleaning as these are better devices for getting rid of clogs in more than one plumbing fixture. Your plumber would be the professional having the experience and training to help in drain cleaning. When your sewers need unclogging, the plumber would be able to conduct video inspection to find the reason for blockages and get the lines unclogged. Freezing outdoor pipes often lead to blockages in winter when the insulation around the pipes has eroded or got damaged. Your plumber would be able to find the reason for blockage and take appropriate action to remedy it.

Drain cleaning can be a messy job that the average home owner is not equipped to deal with. When you are in serious need of effective removal of blockages then call in a professional who will perform the work with minimum disturbance to you and your family. Call the local experienced plumbers with extensive knowledge of drain cleaning. Alexandria residents can ask their local plumbers to remedy blockages and obstructions in their plumbing lines.