When General Dentistry Can’t Help, An Oral Surgeon in Cranford Can

May, 2014 by Alma Abell

Sometimes teeth have issues that require more than a general dentist can handle. That’s when an Oral Surgeon in Cranford can help. Oral surgery takes care of problems in the mouth, such as wisdom teeth removal, TMJ disorders, dental implants, and even orthognathic corrections that may be necessary for a severe bite or jaw issue. These are conditions that require expert treatment, and they should be attended to by an outstanding specialist, like Dr. Philip Geron, DMD, of Westfield Oral Surgery. Dr. Geron is certified in both oral and maxillofacial areas of dentistry, and is a leader in providing the highest standard of patient care. He believes in treating all aspects of a person’s condition, including approaching it from a holistic point of view.

Wisdom teeth usually appear in a patient between the ages of 17- 21. For the most part, they are non-functional. Many times they stay impacted below the gum, where they are susceptible to infection. Since wisdom teeth are very problematic, a dentist will often advise a patient to have them removed. This should be done under the supervision of a competent oral surgeon. The earlier wisdom teeth are removed, the easier it will be for the patient to heal.

Temporomandibular joint dysfunction, also known as TMJ, is another area that an oral surgeon can assist a patient with. Since the jaw works in combination with the teeth, it only makes sense that an oral surgeon would be able to make an accurate diagnosis and set up a treatment plan to help. Symptoms of TMJ include pain in the jaw when chewing, facial or jaw pain, the jaw locking in place, or a clicking sound that occurs when the jaw is being used. Once diagnosed, the oral surgeon will treat it with a combination of exercise, medication, relaxation techniques for the jaw, or provide the patient with a dental device to eliminate grinding and clenching, which can aggravate the TMJ symptoms. In rare cases, the oral surgeon may need to surgically correct the joint.

An oral surgeon in Cranford NJ can improve a person’s spirit, as well as his smile. Dental implants provide a permanent solution for missing teeth. For many patients, implants can be the difference between hiding from people, or joining in social situations. Instead of avoiding life, let an oral surgeon open up a whole new world, while correcting dental abnormalities that need to be addressed.

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