When an Accident Lawyer in Gettysburg PA is Needed

May, 2013 by

When accidents occur, sometimes those involved tend to panic. An accident can happen so fast, that it may be difficult to determine who was actually at fault. Even once this has been determined, you may still need to contact an Accident Lawyer Gettysburg PA to make sure you are treated fairly and get what is deserved should this turn into a court case.

In the even of an accident that you have been found not at fault of, you will want to have any medical bills and auto repairs paid for by the insurance company of the party who was ruled at fault. Unfortunately, this is not always easily achieved. If the at-fault party’s insurance company refuses to do this, you can expect to go to court over the matter.

If you happen to be in an accident where the opposite party is not insured, you could be left with extensive financial problems. It is best not to simply take their word that they will pay what they are responsible for. Taking a case like this to court to have the financial responsibility court ordered by a judge is the only way to increase your chances of actually getting these bills paid. This needs to be done quickly, because after a certain amount of time, the case could be found void and inadmissible.

Unfortunately, with a court order, the responsible party does not always follow through. Chances are that if they do not have automobile insurance, it may be because they cannot afford it. If they cannot afford the insurance, they most likely cannot afford to pay all or any of the damage caused by their negligence in an automobile accident.

When you have to go to court because your expenses from an accident are not being paid, you will most definitely need an attorney. An accident attorney knows exactly what needs to be done to win your case. They are highly educated and experienced in dealing with insurance companies who refuse to pay and with uninsured motorists. It is best to leave this part of of the case to a professional who deals with these cases on a daily basis.

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