What you need to know about Water Analysis in Gainesville, FL

November, 2013 by Alma Abell

Water analysis is a very important aspect in ensuring water quality. It refers to the process where experts conduct extensive investigations in order to determine what kinds of bacteria are present in the water, as well as their numbers. Water Analysis in Gainesville, FL is done by collecting samples of water, and once these samples have been studied, it is possible to infer on how suitable the water in that particular area is for use.

Importance of Water Analysis

Water plays an integral role in your daily life. You use it to cook, clean, drink, bathe, in addition to other uses around the household. For this reason, it is important to ensure that the water is always safe for your consumption and other use. This is why regular water analysis is carried out; to guarantee your health and safety.

Water is vulnerable to pollution. This is true both for underground wells as well as surface waters. For instance, the natural rock within the well may begin to adversely affect the water; causing water to discolor. In other cases, some of the chemicals in the stones may begin to get into the water. These changes occur over time and it is, therefore, recommended for a Water Analysis in Gainesville, FL to be carried out at least once every year. With the right professional treatment, these issues are corrected without any inconvenience to you.

What to Look Out for

Water analysis experts approach this task from a number of angles. These include:

1. Analyzing for bacteria and other micro-organisms.

2. Analyzing for nitrates.

3. Checking the levels of acid and alkaline in the water.

4. Levels of dissolved oxygen.

Testing for micro-organisms helps to effectively safeguard against water borne diseases. Additionally, while nitrates are naturally occurring and can even be found in a wide variety of foods, they have also been found to have an adverse effect on young children under the age of six months. Care is, therefore, taken to test for this, and to offer solutions.

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