What you Need to Know About Drywall in Long Beach

by | Nov 28, 2013 | Cleaning Service

Drywall in Long Beach is a highly popular construction material that is used by professionals to create walls and ceilings for homes. The main component in drywall is gypsum, whose flexibility and versatile properties make drywall a popular choice in building and home improvement projects. Drywall is basically comprised of two thick sheets of paper, between which gypsum is pressed. The resultant material is easier to install than other building materials, including traditional plaster. This increased efficiency helps to reduce the cost of labour significantly. Other merits of drywall include:


1. Fire Resistance: Gypsum is a fire resistant mineral, which in turn, means that drywall offers protection from fire. For instance, if drywall separates two rooms and a fire started in one of them, the drywall would act as a passive fire protection barrier. This is because gypsum contains water held through crystallization, and when drywall is exposed to fire, this water gets vaporizes, consequently reducing the rate at which heat is transferred from one room to the next. This quality makes drywall highly popular in constructing the interiors of modern buildings, including those that are required to abide by strict requirements when it comes to fire safety.

2. Aesthetic: Drywall in Long Beach gives a smooth and beautiful finish to the interiors of homes, both in construction and renovation. For this to be effective, it is important to contract the services of a home improvement or construction professional who has successfully installed drywall for numerous homes and other structures. By contrast, installing the drywall yourself may leave some unsightly joints if the finishing is not done professionally.

3. Recyclable: Unused drywall can be recycled by some manufacturers, into new wallboard. Besides this, drywall can be crushed and mixed with specific soils at construction sites, in addition to mixing it with bio-degradable material to create compost. An important precaution to take with drywall is to keep it dry as much as possible, as the wall may incur damage as a result of prolonged exposure to water. This is true whether the water is seeping into the wall from the base or from the ceiling. CC Cleaning & Maintenance is licensed to provide services in improving your home and maintaining it at optimal conditions both for functionality and aesthetics.

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