What You Need to Know about Dentures Mesa AZ

January, 2014 by Alma Abell

Dentures Gilbert AZ are appliances that are not bonded to existing teeth in the mouth, which must be removed from the mouth for cleaning. There are full dentures and partial dentures. Full dentures are needed if replacing all the patient’s teeth. Partial dentures only replace the missing teeth. The partial denture may be attached to natural teeth by hooks. This is so the removable portion only replaces the missing teeth.

In what cases do you need a full denture?

A complete denture may be recommended for a person missing all their teeth, either in the bottom or top row, or possibly both. In some cases, a dentist may decide to pull the last few remaining teeth if they seem to be decaying. Dentists will offer full dentures when implantation is not possible, or the patient could not receive implants. In any case, replacement of missing teeth is necessary, because without them the patient could not chew and digest food in a satisfactory manner. This can lead to stomach and intestine diseases.

In what cases do you need a partial denture?

If there are several missing teeth, a partial denture may be necessary. Those who do not have enough tooth pillar, cannot have a bridge either. Many people who are missing a couple of teeth may go the route of implants. The advantage of partial dentures Mesa AZ is that they are cheap.

How long does it take for dentures to be prepared?

Generally, it takes two or three sessions. If a patient does not have teeth that need to be pulled, complete or partial dentures will be ready in one week max. If extraction is needed, a healing period four to eight weeks is required. During the healing period, dentists usually issue a temporary prosthesis.

At the first meeting, the dentist takes an impression, which the technician uses to make your prosthesis. Next, the color of artificial teeth will be selected using a color scale. If you have natural teeth, their color will be taken into account when choosing the color. If your dentist feels you do not need a fitting, the final delivery takes place at the next appointment. However, a fitting may be needed to make any corrections before your final appointment. For more information about dentures, contact Sossaman Dental Health and Implant Center today.

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