What Vaccinations to ask for at the Animal Hospital

March, 2012 by

Dogs and cats are more like humans than you think. Like their human owners, they suffer from dental problems, can suffer from depression and get afflicted with diseases of old age like heart disease and arthritis. If you have a pet at home, scheduling routine visits to your local animal hospital is a good idea. Qualified vets can diagnose diseases and life-threatening conditions at the onset.  By treating any condition early on, the pet owner can save the considerable expenses for treatment if the condition worsens.

Pets need vaccinations and de-worming from time to time. In case the animal suffers from obesity, diabetes, or heart disease, the vet can recommend dietary changes and other restrictions to improve the health and wellness of your animal.

Common Diseases in Dogs

A common disease among young puppies is canine distemper. Distemper is a highly contagious viral disease that is spread through the air and from the respiratory secretions of dogs suffering from the virus. This disease can be fatal. As soon as you bring your new puppy home, if the pup has not yet been vaccinated, it is highly recommended that you make an appointment with your vet for vaccination from this deadly disease and other infectious diseases.

Another viral disease that commonly afflicts dogs is parvovirus. Fatality rates for this disease are high. In spite of costly medical treatment at an animal hospital many pet dogs succumb to this viral disease. Your vet would recommend early vaccination against parvovirus for your pet. With routine vaccinations, your pet can be protected from a series of diseases with high mortality rates.

Ticks and fleas spread diseases among dogs and cats. Dog to dog contact can result in the spread of many diseases like mange, kennel cough, ringworm and canine influenza. To diagnose and treat your animal, take your pet to the animal hospital for regular wellness checks. Some animals do not show the symptoms of the disease until it is very late. Your vet can detect disease early on and save your animal undue suffering and excessive expenses for the owner.

If you have just bought home a new pet, consult with your vet at the animal hospital about the most suitable preventative program for your animal to include the core vaccinations, parasite control and prevention of heartworm. Your dog should not come into contact with sick animals. If your dog is sick, keep it away from other animals and humans and take it to the animal hospital. Odenton pet owners can find best preventive care programs for their pets at local vet offices.

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