What to Remember When Talking to a Domestic Violence Attorney

May, 2018 by

It’s an unfortunate fact: domestic violence is exceedingly common in American culture. Typically involving dating or married partners and sometimes their children or elders, domestic violence can tear apart families, leave people suffering emotionally for the remainder of their lives or even take those lives before their time.

If you or a loved one has suffered domestic violence, it can be frightening and difficult to reach out for help. Here are a few tips for talking to your domestic violence attorney, and getting the assistance you need:

Don’t Be Afraid

Domestic violence is an experience of fear by its very nature. That can mean that reporting it and attempting to hold the offending parties responsible can be terrifying as well. When you reach out to your domestic violence attorney, know that they are on your side; you don’t have to fear dismissal or further trauma from your legal counsel. A good attorney can lead you in the right directions both legally and emotionally, and take stress off your shoulders as you sort through the many stresses life has already handed you.

Ask Questions

Understanding what the law says about domestic violence and how the crime can be penalized can be confusing. This is especially true in the case of marriage and divorce being involved, as well as when children are part of the overall picture. Talk to your attorney about all your concerns. Ask as many questions as you need to, and repeat them as needed so that you can be sure you understand. Your lawyer’s job is not only to defend and represent you but to make you feel comfortable and safe; don’t settle for anything less.

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